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What is Interventional Endoscopy?

Interventional endoscopy is an image-guided therapeutic procedure using a variety of sizes and types of endoscopes. Endoscopes give the veterinarian direct visualization of structures inside the body including the nasal cavity, upper and lower respiratory tracts, gastrointestinal tracts, and the lower urinary tract.


Examples include removing foreign bodies, nasal tumors, stomach and rectal polyps, bladder stones, and bladder and urethral masses or polyps. These procedures can replace traditional open surgeries and give access to areas that are difficult to reach. 

Minimally invasive image-guided interventions are becoming the next level of improved patient care. These techniques result in less pain, quicker recovery and fewer complications. Pet owners today are embracing minimally invasive procedures and we are excited to provide these innovative technologies. 

Interventional Endoscopy Procedures


    Esophageal Foreign Body Removal

    Gastric Foreign Body Removal

    Gastric Polypectomy

    Rectal Polypectomy


    Aspergillus Treatment

    Nasal Foreign Body Removal

    Nasopharyngeal Stenosis

    Nasal Mass Debulking

    Nasal Mites

    Diagnostic Rhinoscopy


    Artificial Urethral Sphincter 

    Bladder Polyp Laser Ablation

    Bladder Polyp Polypectomy Snare

    Bladder Stones Laser Lithotripsy

    Bladder TCC Resectoscope Removal

    Ectopic Ureter Ablation

    Perineal Urethrotomy

    Paramesonephric Remnant Laser Ablation

    Percutaneous Cystolithotomy

    Small Bladder Mass Debulking

    Urachal Diverticulum Laser Ablation

    Urethral Bulking Implants

    Urethral Mass Debulking 

    Urethral Stones Laser Lithotripsy

    Urethral TCC Resectoscope Debulking

    Vestibulovaginal Band Laser Ablation


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